Pet-TS are thinning scissors for pet grooming. V shape micro on every single tooth prevents the scissors slipping from the hair. The most common problem of any thinning scissors on trade is trapping or pressing hairs during the grooming process and in other words, this means scissors don’t cut hair properly but only press it between the blades especially at the tip of the scissors. However, Pet-TS have overcome this problem, and it has been proven by several pet groomers that our pet grooming scissors are very comfortable for the pets as well as the hairdressers.


Y6 scissors are designed specifically to avoid occupational hazard and this is achieved by its very soft edge on the hair during the hairdressing or pet grooming process. Y6 combines Japanese stainless-steel blade and aluminum alloy handle to create one of the lightest curved blade scissors in the world and to be precise this is only half of the weight of the traditional stainless-steel scissors. Nevertheless, the aluminum alloy handles come in a range of colors and different ergonomic designs which are ideal for pet groomers or hairdressers who work long hours.


Y7 is similar to the curved blade scissors which we can find on the trade, but there are some significant differences. For instance, Y7 can also be used in various angles so that this is suitable for both left handed and right handed hairdressers alike. The specially designed micro on the Y7 blade prevents it slipping from the hair and at the same time removing hair more efficiently compared to the classic one. In other words, if we use common curved blade scissors, we need to do 10 to 12 times back and forward grooming to get the desired shape. But by using Y7 we can get the perfect shape within 3 to 4 times grooming inciting less pressure on the hair and thereby saving time as well as giving most pleasant experience to our pets.

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