Little Giant

In the current market, the Little Giant is distinctive. The Little Giant is customized thinning scissors which would also prevent it from slipping from the hair. Besides that, the Little Giant can make more profound changes. The Little Giant was just a dream because we couldn't achieve it due to the lack of skills. Later, the ideal size has contradicted with the product's design concept. Now, the Little Giant turn to the market's spotlight due to its appealing design and what it could achieve.


Sh7 are short blade hairdressing scissors which were originally designed for precise cutting on very small sections such as hair inside the fingers, palm of the hand and over the skin.

Sh7 are very unique that these are customized scissors which means these are made according to the needs of the customer. These are designed initially by hand sketching by our designers then through the building models on 3D CAD and finally made by the experienced hands of our manufacture team. At every stage of this process, we communicate with our customers, discuss professional ideas and reach a consensus to produce the perfect and ideal product.

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