About us

Hair is like costume. It expresses a person’s appearance and inner beauty. To create a hairstyle that accommodates our personality, a set of professional hairdressing scissors is indispensable for designers. However, current hairdressing scissors industry is struggling due to the structure of hairdressing scissors. After listening to designers’ voices and a series of investigation on traditional hairdressing scissors, Yuan Chern realized what designers need is a pair of hairdressing scissors that designers put all their efforts in creating.

By using the traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the advanced machines, Yuan Chern scissors have undergone several strict quality checks to make sure the hairdresser can have a smooth, precise, and enjoyable hairdressing process. We use the finest Japanese stainless steel combined with different range of quality metals to create the light but also ergonomic hairdressing scissors.

During the manufacturing process, each pair of scissors goes through 125 working process and several quality checks to produce the finest result with “perfection.” A team of 90 professionals produces 10,000 to 12,000 pair of scissors in Taiwan every month. The most essential step which only a few people can master is the “art of adjusting and straightening” the scissors. This process affects the smoothness of opening and closing the scissors and during the hairdressing process the blades will be opening and closing more than 1,000 times. We are confident to provide you with the finest quality hairdressing scissors and the most enjoyable hairdressing time.

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